About Moneluv Band

California dance pop alternative rock music. Retro vibe with cool synth-bass style undertones and hypnotic vocals. If you like Maroon 5, Smashing Pumpkins, The Rolling Stones, or John Mellencamp, you will LOVE MoneLuv Band!

Their overall compositions have a Beatle-esque song and singing style with groovy tension & instrumentation.

Lots of fun originals and cover songs that rock!

Mitch Karno, Ukulele, Keyboard, Vocals, Songwriter.
Scott Topper, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter.
Heath Milton, Bass.
Mark Delgadillo, Drums.
Justin Rencher, Lead Guitar.


Latest Moneluv Songs

Upcoming Shows

Moneluv Friday, Nov 18th 8:00pm – 10:00pm

634 State Street Taproom M. Special Brewing Company

Santa Barbara, CA  93101  FREE SHOW!

Management Randy Sadd