About Moneluv Band

California dance pop alternative rock music. Retro vibe with cool synth-bass style undertones and hypnotic vocals. If you like Maroon 5, Smashing Pumpkins, The Rolling Stones, or John Mellencamp, you will LOVE MoneLuv Band!

Their overall compositions have a Beatle-esque song and singing style with groovy tension & instrumentation.

Lots of fun originals and cover songs that rock!

Mitch Karno, Ukulele, Keyboard, Vocals, Songwriter.
Scott Topper, Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter.
Jorge Lopez, Bass.
Mark Delgadillo, Drums.
Justin Rencher, Lead Guitar.


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2024 Tour dates/cities

February Santa Barbara

March San Francisco

April San Diego

May Las Vegas

June Santa Barbara

July Santa Barbara

August Austin-Atlanta

September San Francisco

October San Diego

November Philadelphia

December New York City


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Management Randy Sadd